October 7, 2016

Our Members


Hanna Lokys
Research scientist at University Münster
Jennifer Vanos
Assistant Professor at UC San Diego
Hamed Mehdipoor
PhD candidate at Twente university
Cameron Lee
Assistant Professor at Kent State University
Synoptic Climatology & Human Biometeorology
David Perkins
Postdoctoral Fellow at George Mason University
Biometeorology for Tourism
David Hondula
Assistant Professor at Arizona State University
Andrew Leung
PhD Candidate at University of Toronto
Climate change and aviation
Chris Fuhrmann
Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University
Daniel Vecellio
Doctoral Student at Texas A&M University
Climate and Human Health
Michael Allen
Assistant Professor of Geography at Old Dominion University
Human Health
Simon Gosling
Director of Research and Associate Professor at University of Nottingham
Climate change impact modelling on human health
Angela Lees
Research Scientist at the University of Queensland
Britta Jänicke
Postdoctoral researcher at National Institute of Meteorological Sciences
Human biometeorology and urban climate
Vijendra Ingole
Research Fellow at KEM Hospital Research Centre
Climate and Health
Victor Sinkalu
PhD at Ahmadu Bello University
Animal Physiology
Cho Kwong Charlie Lam
Associate Researcher at Sun Yat-sen University
Alexandria Herdt
Masters Student at Texas Tech University
Jane Baldwin
PhD Candidate at Princeton University
climate dynamics, heat waves
Augusta Williams
ScD candidate at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
Soodabeh Amirinezhad
MSc at Twente university
Climate change impact on heterogeneous forests
Minh Phan
Science Communication Intern at National Park Service
Climate Change Impacts on Health and Safety
Stephanie Jacobs
PhD candidate at Monash University
Urban climate
Aleš Urban
PostDoc at Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences
Heat-related mortality, spatial analysis
Yuri Hosokawa
Post doctoral fellow at Korey Stringer Institute, University of Connecticut
Thermal physiology
Mary Wright
PhD Student at Arizona State University
Katarzyna Lindner-Cendrowska
Assistant professor at University of Warsaw
Human bioclimatology / thermal comfort
Mohammad Taleghani
Research Fellow at University of Salford
Jana Fischereit
PhD-Student at Meteorological Institute, University of Hamburg
Human Urban Biometeorology
Emily Hecker
Physician at Enlighten Functional Medicine, Private Practice
Human Physiology
Razieh Zandieh
Lecturer in Urban Design and Planning at University of Manchester
Human biometeorology (healthy urban planning & design)
Jennifer Fitchett
Lecturer in Physical Geography at University of the Witwatersrand
Phenology, climatology, climate change threats to tourism
Sadra Matmir
Researcher at University of Twente
Social impact of climate change