Munich energy balance model for individuals

The Munich energy balance model for individuals (MEMI) is an energy balance model of the human body based on the heat-balance equation for the human body (Matzarakis and Amelung 2008) and the two-node model of Gagge et al. (1972):

M is the metabolic rate (internal heat production)
W is physical heat production
NR is net radiation of the body
C is convective heat flow
is latent heat flow to evaporate water into water vapour diffusing through the skin (imperceptible perspiration) is respiratory heat flow
is heat flow due to evaporation of sweat
ST is a storage term.
The unit of all heat flows is Watt (Höppe 1999).
Using the meteorological parameters  (air temperature),  (mean radiant temperature), VP (water vapour pressure), and v (wind speed), MEMI calculates the skin and core temperature of a standard person under light activity (80 W) by taking clothing insulation into account.

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