Klima Michel model

The Klima Michel model (KMM) is an energy-balance-model for the human body, based on the predicted mean vote (PMV) equation of Fanger (1972) and the PMV correction of Gagge et al. (1986), that considers latent heat fluxes in a more appropriate way. Contrary to PMV, the KMM takes the complex outdoor radiant conditions into account (Jendritzky et al. 1979, 1990). In the KMM, the energy-balance (see Munich energy balance model for individuals; MEMI) is solved for a standard person of 35 years and 1.75 m tall, with a weight of 75 kg and a physical heat production of 135 W, which corre−1sponds to walking at approximately 4 km h . Depending on the thermal conditions, the person adapts their clothing to between 0.5 and 1.75 clo.

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