May 13, 2017


This online Glossary derives from the original paper by Gosling et al (2014). Please reference as S. N. Gosling, E. K. Bryce, P. G. Dixon, K. M. A. Gabriel, E. Y. Gosling, J. M. Hanes, D. M. Hondula, L. Liang, P. A. Bustos Mac Lean, S. Muthers, S. T. Nascimento, M. Petralli, J. K. Vanos, and E. R. Wanka, “A glossary for biometeorology,” Int. J. Biometeorol., vol. 58, no. 2, pp. 277–308, Mar. 2014. when citing an original definition. Additional terms will be added to the online glossary as required.
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